What you need to know…

Physiotherapy services come in many different shapes and forms. Exercises are often used to stretch or strengthen specific muscles, or large groups of muscles. They’re also used to achieve overall body conditioning. Sometimes physiotherapy involves ‘hands-on’ techniques where the therapist works on soft tissues (such as muscles, ligaments, tendons) or bones and joints. Alternatively, sometimes a physiotherapist will use different machines or ‘modalities’ in the clinic in order to achieve accelerated healing or pain control. There are other ways a physiotherapist can help you, depending on what is needed…and that’s for you and your therapist to discuss!

Physiotherapy services at PhysioSense are carried out by Adam Campisano, RPT. Adam has been practising since 2004 and is a graduate of Queen’s University. He has degrees in Life Sciences, Psychology, and Physiotherapy, giving him a diverse educational background and an ability to approach your case from different angles. Adam has extensive experience working with patients who have been in motor vehicle accidents, suffered workplace injuries, sustained sports injuries, and those on short- and long-term disability.  Adam is also an Advanced Practice Clinician (APC) with the Inter-professional Spine Assessment and Education Clinics (ISAEC) program.  To learn more about ISAEC go to